mini me style

My 12 year old sister gets her style from me!
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jumpsuit, furry slides.

Once again, all Urban Outfitters. They really have some great pieces though! [Read more…]

more edge in my life

Fishnets are still in, and I love finding new pieces and ways to wear them.
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gingham style

I am so into the Who What Wear collection at Target & found this top for $22… [Read more…]

yes, way, Rosé

Poolside with Wolffer Wine is the way to go…

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workout, maybe…

I’m trying to get into working out more…lol, but really, it’s time. What motivates me is cute workout gear, so I’m sharing some of my favorite picks..

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rain drop, topshop

Topshop is my vice… [Read more…]

22 things I’ve learned in my 22 years

I’m feeling 22…

  1. Have faith that everything will be okay
  2. When big changes happen, accept them and thrive
  3. A good outfit makes all the difference in your mood
  4. What feels like the end, is usually the beginning
  5. Karma. It hasn’t always proven itself, yet I still love to wait and watch
  6. Daily devotionals are needed
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others, because there is only one you
  8. A book a week is good for the soul & imagination (I usually read 2-3)
  9. Trash TV isn’t the worst thing in the world
  10. Move somewhere brand new & take a chance (about to do this…)
  11. Let go of unhealthy’s okay to cut those out who don’t have your best interests at heart
  12. Don’t text him.
  13. Your soulmate is out there and waiting to meet you. Don’t get discouraged by those who don’t deserve you
  14. Retail therapy is a real thing
  15. Always take pictures, because you never know what memories you will create
  16. A glass of wine, or two, does the body good
  17. Eat what you want and when you want it
  18. If you don’t workout, life goes on..
  19. Pinterest is the best place for any inspiration
  20. Green tea & water are good go-tos and will make you feel amazing
  21. Someday I will wear sunscreen..
  22. The best is really yet to come..



beauty regimen

I’ve collaboared with Ginamarie Products to show you some of their amazing products..who doesn’t love products right?!

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favorite LA spots

It’s no secret I’m in love with Los Angeles. I just finished a little 2-day trip there and wanted to share some of my favorite spots.

MELROSE: I love walking up and down Melrose Ave. There are so many cute shops that are unique & things you can only find there. It also has the best walls for picture taking… [Read more…]