anti- V day gift guide for yourself

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day because I’m single. I also hate being single but it is what it is 🙂 So, instead of the cute gift guides for your loved ones, mine is all about treating yourself because you deserve it. After all, you are your number one, so treat yourself like it! Shop away!

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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: lovely little things

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I can’t believe it’s September…and I can’t believe I’m not in school. I’m an adult. What even is that? It’s been a major heat wave in LA, but I can still dream about wearing some of these pieces…

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beat the heat

Baby it’s hot outside. Are you getting tired of wearing the same dresses or shorts and tank tops everyday? I know I am. I’m ready for some cooler temps so I can wear some of these amazing pieces I found. A few of them are great to wear in these hotter months, and then they transition easily into fall. The best way to beat the heat is to shop for fall clothing! [Read more…]

my lace up picks

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Lace up anything is my favorite. You can find an adorable lace up sweater, dress, tee literally anywhere. I decided to share some of my favorite picks right now! [Read more…]

words of advice from Rachel Zoe

So I met one of my idols…and leanred a lot…IMG_3020 [Read more…]

love. you.

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For a class we are reading “The Woman I Wanted to Be” by Diane Von Furstenburg. This one quote really stood out and is important to me. I thought I would share it with summer approaching and a lot of new adventures for me coming up. It’s always important to love yourself first, before you have any other relationships. I want to frame this quote and hang it in my room! [Read more…]

three favorite trends

There are so many spring trends that it’s hard to pick a few and stick to them. Off the shoulder, rompers, and platforms are three of my favorites right now that I’ve been seeing everywhere! [Read more…]

boho chic with the Mint Julep Boutique

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Romper perfection

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I found the perfect romper. The color, pattern, fit, and fabric are all perfection. It’s also under $40…need I say more?!

The romper speaks for itself and doesn’t need a lot of accessories. I wore some gold bracelets and gold sandals because of the gold zipper. I added this mint clutch to bring out the mint in the romper.

Pitaya is a local boutique that I have collaborated with before. When I was in their store looking for pieces, I grabbed everything in site and took it to the dressing room. When I saw this romper in a medium I prayed that it would fit…and it did perfectly! A small would work too FYI. I ended up buying a bunch and can’t wait to show off my other pieces next week!

Pitaya is located in Ann Arbor, Athens, Bloomington, Boulder, Champaign, Chicago, Columbus (OH), Dallas, Detroit, East Lansing, Indianapolis, Louisville, Madison, Phoenix, St. Louis and Tucson. They also have an online site where I linked the romper.

Also, there is a loop giveaway for some Lilly Pulitzer for Target goodies on my Instagram! @poshprime

P.S. It’s my birthday Saturday! I’m going to be 20…I’m so old.



Romper//Pitaya c/0