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my Shopbop picks

I always love a good sale, especially when the word “Spring” is in it. I picked out some of my favorites from Shopbop that can save you some money!

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Posh Pick: St. Ives

I’ve been using St. Ives for a long time and continue to buy their products. I love the smell and the way they feel. So perfect.

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ways to deal with stress

We all get stressed and sometimes things don’t go our way. I know how this can happen, most every day, and I’ve found some methods to make me feel better. Try them out, I promise they work!

1. Read some inspirational quotes on Pinterest- There is nothing that makes you feel better than Pinterest in general. It is a great way to forget about things and get inspiration in fashion, food, life, etc.

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these are a few of my favorite things

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Jacket//Topshop; Sweatshirt//Vardagen c/o

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favorite new arrivals


All of us shop online constantly…right? Or is it just me….Anyways, I looked at some of my favorite sites recently and picked some of my favorite new things from them! e3074458841c16074860a8509f555dad [Read more…]

How I Stay Tan in Winter

Being pale is my number one pet peeve. I admit that I can’t stand it! It’s taken me a while to find the right products, but I have finally done so and can’t wait to share my favorites!
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It’s no secret that you know I love athleisure. It’s such a comfy way to dress but super trendy at the same time. I love getting my inspiration from Gigi & Kendall and making it my own!

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I have always been inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. In grade school I loved learning about the Civil Rights Movement and would always listen a little extra those days. Rosa Parks is another idol of mine and I hope they are celebrating together. This quote is such a great one to remember at all times. Even on a bad day, or a rough moment, there is always hope and something to keep you going. 629aa58444bb826ef8bb38c89cbbe22b




OTK all day

I finally got a pair of over the knee boots and I am so happy! I love pairing them with thigh high socks and dresses! They look so good with leggings and a long top and jacket as well. Honestly, they look good with anything! I am in the process of making new posts and these will be making an appearance in a lot of future posts. Check out some of my favorite pairs!

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