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So I met one of my idols…and leanred a lot…IMG_3020

I had the opportunity to meet Rachel Zoe a couple weeks ago and it was quite the experiance. I got to tour her office and talk with her for a little bit. I told her about my many internships and what advice she had for me. She said that “I’m ahead of the game, and doing exactly what I should be doing.” Um, wow. Talk about feeling good right?! Anyways, she also signed a copy of her book for me and I wanted to share a little bit of my favorite parts!

Fashion 101 From Living in Style

  1. Be able to pronounce: Know your brands and designers and how to properly say their names. “It’s a sign of respect to properly reference someone and not bludgeon a name.”
  2. Never Carry: Anything fake. According to Rachel carrying a fake bag, shoe, anything is “ripping off an artist.”
  3. Do Carry: An emergency style kit. Rachel says to include safety pins, mini Static Guard spray, travel-sized deoderant, travel-sized lint roller, stain remover pen, wipes, top stick tape, sewing kit, hair elastics and bobby pins.
  4. Don’t Say No: No task should be above you. Just like everyone, Rachel started getting coffee. “No tasks has been too small.”
  5. Don’t Say “Yes”: This one got me the most: “If you have agreed to work on a shoot or fitting and then a better last-minute opportunity arises, pass it up. In a business dominated by trends, fierce loyalty can trump experience and expertise.”
  6. Play Nice and Play Hard: “It’s the genuinely good and committed people who get ahead.”
  7. Always Have An Answer: “When anyone asks me what I seek most in a prospective colleauge, my top response is a point of view. I constantly look for a team for their opinion and I value a confident eye. My advice is to read WWD- to be in the know.”

This book is filled with wonderful facts, stories, advice and more. I highly recommend you pick it up. Rachel is a genious!


Megan (& Rachel Zoe)


  1. So jealous that you got to meet her! I have this book and loved it cover to cover. Rachel Zoe is someone that I follow religiously!


  2. These are great tips and what an awesome opportunity for you! Rachel Zoe is such a boss! x

    Audrey Adair-Keene | http://www.happilyaudrey.com

  3. So cool you got to meet her! Thanks for sharing her tips.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. That is so awesome that you got to meet her!!! 🙂

  5. so cool you met her


  6. These tips are really useful, I think are the best suited to your guidance!

  7. That is so amazing that you got to meet her! And I love all of her advice! Makes me want to read the book now 🙂


  8. SO cool that you got to meet her, and I love the tips she gave you.

    Rachael | RachaelBurgess.com | Instagram

  9. great tips! Fierce loyalty definitely speaks louder than everything! 🙂

    Metallic Paws

  10. How cool that you got to meet her! Have a great week <3

    Edye | http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  11. That is so neat you got to meet her! Great advice!

  12. This is the best ever! What an exciting time meeting Rachel Zoe!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  13. Amazing post! these are such wise words! Loved reading this!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read, maybe we can follow each other on social media?


    Deepti xx

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