good night, sleep tight: how to get a good night’s sleep

I’m obsessed with sleeping. Seriously, I think I nap every day and Saturday night I slept 14 hours (I was jet lagged and still on Hawaii time, but still…)


Comfy bedding: My bedding is kind of velvet and heaven on earth. If you want to be coziest as possible, get yourself some amazing bedding.

Pillows: I have so many throw pillows and they make the bed look adorable, but also provide maximum comfort (yep, comfort is the key word in this post and you will read it many times.)

Books: I read every night to fall asleep, which is probably why I read like 3 books a week.

Scents: ¬†Wall plug-ins, room spray,candles, and sheet and pillow spray…perfection.

Pajamas & Lounge Wear: The best part is the PJ’s. Get yourself a nice pair, or 5.

Blankets: I cuddle in my blanket whenever I’m in my bed, which is whenever I’m not at my house.


Cuddle up, get cozy, and good night!




  1. Such great tips for getting a good night’s sleep! A comfy bed is definitely key. xx

    Audrey Adair-Keene |

  2. Love your sleeping set up here! Great tips and love all your pillows!

  3. Great tips, girl, love your cozy bedding.

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