Ellie Activewear

Have you heard of Ellie? It’s only $50 a month and you receive a full outfit plus a couple other goodies…

All pieces are from Ellie c/o

5 items for only $49.95. Seriously you cannot beat that. That even inspires me to workout more! I love the hot pink for summer. This sports bra is also padded and super supportive for busty ole me. Now how do I use this ab wheel??? Just kidding!

Love the hair ties too. I seem to always be losing mine so this is a must-have. I highly suggest signing up for a box!



Photos by: Christa Kabbes


  1. What a cool box! Thanks for sharing Megan. Love these cool pieces your wearing.


  2. Love the outfit! Are these things you keep or is it like stitch fix where you send things back and buy separately

  3. I love Ellie! That isn’t the prettiest shade of pink!

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