taking care of your skin

Skin…you have to take care of it. It’s your best friend and all you have!

I have been one to lay in the sun with no sunscreen. Yeah, no. I recently learned that you cannot do that. Thanks to that, I have some sun spots (I’m 22, c’mon!!) and bought me some sunscreen. I recently took a trip to the Glow Med Spa in Encino, California and had a laser facial. It sounds super scary but it honestly was only two minutes long. It’s literally a little heat on your face and it’s over. After I was treated to a Vitamin C mask. That was so nice. I highly recommend this treatment. It’s quick, easy and I’ve already noticed a difference with my skin and acne scars in general.

I’ve linked a couple of my favorite skin products below. I love finding new ones so let me know your favorites too!



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