Born on the East Coast, Raised in the Midwest, Dreaming of the West Coast


My name is Megan and I am a 19-year-old in Bloomington, Indiana. Fashion is a strong passion for me and all that I think about, so I decided to put my thoughts into words. Throughout the weeks I will post pictures of my outfits that I love, ¬†quotes that inspire me, and ideas and pictures that I find unique, and interesting. The theme of my blog is “Posh”, because I have always loved the word and found it very meaningful and exciting. Posh means classy, chic, and fashionable. I feel that my blog will highlight all of these beautiful words and Posh Prime will give the perspective of a girl living in a small town, with big city hopes and dreams. My style may be simple, but it is chic, posh and fun as well! I will also share my inspirations inside the fashion world and out.

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  1. Excited for your future posts!

  2. Cannot wait to read more! Looking forward to what you post!

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