Standing out against the crowd







I have to admit, I’m in college, go to sporting events, but I don’t dress like everyone else. I despise crop tops and high-waisted shorts. I don’t like looking like every other girl out there, I like to stand out and dress how I like. For my college team’s football game, I ditched the t-shirt and put on a romper. I love this romper, it’s black which is classic, and the cutouts at the top make it different. I added a denim vest that I bought in the Target kids section…yes the KIDS section. I was very proud of that fact. I added a red Michael Kors purse for my teams colors, and my cheetah tennis shoes.

So, my advice to you is…be yourself. Stand out from the crowd and dress how you like to dress. Wear what you want, and don’t just follow the crowd…be you!



Romper//Forever 21; Vest; Target//Shoes//Adidas; Bag//Michael Kors

love me some chambray





It’s summer again! Nope, it’s just a warm fall. I decided to wear this chambray J.Crew dress that I haven’t worn in years. I forget I own it, and then decide I have to wear it again. It was the perfect day to wear this and add some fun accessories. Whenever you wear chambray, accessories are key. Either add a fun statement necklace, a cute scarf, and/or a belt. Accessories make this outfit pop. I love how classy this dress is, of course it’s from J.Crew. Chambray can be worn so many different ways, but I love it in a dress!

Enjoy the warmer weather (for now)



Dress//J.Crew; Shoes//DSW; Scarf//Francesca’s; Belt//Francesca’s

hi, my name is Megan and im a shopaholic

I am addicted to shopping. I think about it all the time, and go at least once a week. Sales are my weakness, along with clothes, shoes and accessories. I always tell myself that this will be the last thing I buy for a while, but then I walk into a store and fall in love. Lately, I’ve been loving me some bargains. TJ Maxx has stepped up their game. I walked in and I wanted a lot, but I only bought one thing. Old Navy has some great pieces right now and Target has some really cute shoes. I started a blog to curb my online shopping addiction, but it’s made it worse… I see so many cute outfits, I just have to buy them all!
what do you think? are you addicted too?
Megan (aka shopping queen)

is it summer or fall? and what am I supposed to wear?







For the past two and next two weeks, my problem is deciding what to wear. It’s cold in the morning, but warm in the afternoon which makes getting dressed a problem. So, I decided layers are the best way to go. The floral blouse and pink AG jeans were one of my favorite summer evening outfits. I decided to pair it with boots (or sandals, if that’s the right weather) and my favorite J.Crew jacket, which goes everywhere with me. Layers are a great way to dress when you don’t know what the weather is like. Hopefully, getting dressed will be easier now!



Jacket//J.Crew; Top//Boutique; Jeans//AG; Shoes//Steve Madden; Socks//Free People; Headband; Urban Outfitters

Olive you






I love me some olive, especially mixed with gold! I got this sweater on sale at Free People and I love it. The color is so pretty, and the mesh detail is unique. I love these moto leggings and wear them almost every day in the fall and winter. I think these camo tennis shoes from Adidas are so cool too because the olive color matches the sweater perfectly. Gold accessories always pair so wear with olive. I love these rings from H&M and my M bracelet from C. Wonder. Mixing masculine and feminine is such a good combination because it provides a contrast that is different. You can play with that in many different ways.



Top//Free People; Leggings//Tobi; Shoes//Adidas; Rings//H&M; Bracelet//C. Wonder











Yes, I am a fan of the Kardashians. I can’t help it! Their style is incredible and they are hilarious and entertaining. I’ve been to some of the Dash stores, but when my parents were in Miami for a wedding recently, I begged them to go to Dash. This tee is super soft and the burnout fabric makes it a little bit different than your average t-shirt. I love these green cargos too. They are casual and a neutral top goes perfectly with them. Of course, I’m wearing my gladiators sandals again because 1) They go with everything 2) They are super cute and 3) Summer is ending and I need to wear them as much as possible. I also love tying sweaters around my waist because it is casual and cute, and always there if you need it.

Thanks to my boyfriend Bryce for taking these pictures on his campus, which is very beautiful!



Top//Dash Miami; Sweater; Nordstrom; Pants//Joe’s Jeans; Sandals; BCBGeneration

Nails: OPI My Private Jet (Yes, Kim Kardashian asked for this in an episode long ago, and ever since it has been my go-to color.)

throwback Thursday

IMG_1737 IMG_1735 IMG_1729 IMG_1728

Here’s a throwback to my senior pictures two years. I haven’t had a chance to take new pictures so let’s pretend this is social media and call it “Throwback Thursday”. I love this outfit actually and two years later I still wear it. Black & White is my favorite combo and is always so classy. I love this Michael Kors leather jacket with the Michael Kors leather boots…lots of leather! The white collared tank adds a pop of “color”, it gives us something to look at other than the black. These Free People leggings are my one of my favorites. I love wearing longer sweaters with them in the winter because they are comfy and aren’t your standard leggings. They are meant to be worn as pants, and they do! Anyways, I will have new outfits soon, but until then…happy Throwback Thursday!



Jacket//Michael Kors; Top//Nordstrom; Leggings//Free People; Boots//Michael Kors

Photo Credit: Lisa Walker-

adding pops of color among neutrals

This outfit is for an early fall day…hence the sandals. Typically I would wear this with boots of flats, but the weather is not quite that cold. For chilly days I like wearing a cute tee with a sweater/light jacket. This sweater jacket is perfect because it’s thick and warm, but not heavy. The pants I love and they are from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…such a great place. The magenta and crimson scarf adds some color and looks good with the stripes in the shirt. I’m all about layers this fall and winter!



Top//Nordstrom Rack; Sweater//Akira Chicago; Pants//Nordstrom; Shoes//Nordstrom; Scarf//Friends

–weekend look–

photo 3 photo 1 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2

photo 3

Last Friday, I had to attend an event in Michigan for my dad. Some people were wearing dresses ,but it was so cold so I choose a more business casual type outfit. **Please excuse the background, it’s very hard to find a nice place to take pictures there, so I chose a hallway…sorry!** However, I wear this look a lot and it’s comfortable, but very presentable. This jacket goes everywhere with me and can be dressed up or down depending on the event/day. The longer blouse underneath is nice and dressy, as well as the nicer leggings from Zara. Cheetah flats always complete a look and add a nice pop, as well as the red bag.

If you need to look more dressed up, but don’t feel like wearing dresses, tight clothes, etc..this is the perfect look for you.



Jacket//J. Crew; Top//Tobi; Leggings//Zara; Shoes//Zara; Bag//Michael Kors

be yourself, that’s all that matters


~~this is one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite old actresses..don’t worry about what other people are doing or what other people are wearing, just be yourself. wear what you want, and set your own style up and don’t copy others all the time…just use them for inspiration sometimes but make your style (and your life) all yours and nobody else’s

~~have a great week!