good night, sleep tight: how to get a good night’s sleep

I’m obsessed with sleeping. Seriously, I think I nap every day and Saturday night I slept 14 hours (I was jet lagged and still on Hawaii time, but still…)

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my favorite store right now









Dress//Urban Outfitters; Denim Jacket//similar; Boots//similar

I love Urban Outfitters so much right now. I literally walk in four times a week and now I’m recognized. Whoops. But they really are hitting my exact style right on the head, and I love finding good pieces there that already fit into others in my closet.

This sweatshirt dress is under $60, and super comfy. I love it with a jacket and even sneakers too. On a cold day, add a long sleeve mesh tee under too!

Also, yeah I’ve been so MIA lately. I’ll be back on track soon enough!



dresses on sale, I repeat dresses on sale

Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite places right now. I’m so into the edgy pieces and low-key vibe. I’ve had my eye on some of these recently and now that they are all 20% means I need to have my credit card ready.

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new york city

I spent the weekend in New York City, and did some serious shopping. Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures but saw so many things that I wanted to share with you!

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some bad apples

It’s Fall! Finally, right? Actually, no. I can’t find anything to wear at all and it’s driving me crazy. I need to spend a day in my closet picking out go-to outfits I can throw on. But, I spent a little bit in an orchard on Sunday and had an impromptu photoshoot with some of my friends!

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fall. favs.

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need. want. love.

Everything is amazing right?!

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more You & Lu

Seriously, I can’t get enough…

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Have you shopped You & Lu yet?

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