new year goals

It’s a new year and I’m very happy for that. 2016 had some great things, and some not so great things. I was lucky enough to spend the summer in LA interning for some of the best people. I had many family memories I will never forget, made some amazing new friends, and so much more. 2017 will be a new year though for many reasons. There is a lot I want to change, and a lot I want to start doing.

  1. Get rid of the toxic people in your life- There are some people in my life who I don’t want around anymore. They aren’t causing happiness, they cause stress. They don’t make you feel good about yourself and it’s time to cut ties.
  2. Workout, workout, workout- Yes, this is everyone’s resolution. But seriously, I’ve been a hater of exercise for waaaay too long. It’s time to get in there and see some results.
  3. Cook more- This year I actually started cooking and love it. I love throwing ingredients into a skillet and seeing what happens. Usually, it turns out really well. This year I want to actually make the recipes I pin!
  4. Love yourself- Don’t rely on other people for happiness. If you love yourself the most, others will too.
  5. New friends- I met one of my best friends last year, and hope to meet more this year.
  6. New places- I graduate in May (ugh) and have NO idea what I’m going to do after college…I hope to find a great job, move somewhere new and have a new beginning. I’m excited to find out!
  7. More positivity, less complaining- I complain a lot and sometimes have a not so sunny outlook on things. I’m going to start being grateful and seeing the positive sides of situations and things. Thanks to this article.
  8. Spend 1 hour a day without my phone- I’m on it waaaay too much. Sometimes it causes unnecessary stress that has to go.

**I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. It’s been a rough year with actually finding time and motivation to post, and I will up my game so much this year. I can’t wait to see where it takes me!