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Everybody was Jumpin’, Jumpin’

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Jumpsuit//Forever 21; Shoes//Forever 21; Bag//Givenchy ℅ Bag, Borrow or Steal; Necklace//Francesca’s (more options)

 I finally bought a jumpsuit (cheers)! I was seriously missing out before because they are beyond comfortable. Since buying this one I now am the proud owner of three, and I couldn’t be happier…

I originally saw this one online on Forever 21 and added it to my cart. I always add things to my cart and then never purchase, it’s a bad habit. Anyways, I went to the actual store and after looking around and not finding much I did a second round. I saw this hidden behind a a different dress in my size. I believe it was fate. I tried it on and knew I needed it. I’m afraid it is a tad too baggy, but hey, if it’s comfortable who really cares.

It isn’t too hard to style a jumpsuit. Since this one is chambray and has a pattern, it didn’t really need much. I had to add a statement necklace, because it wouldn’t be a Megan outfit without one. I also added my lovely Givenchy bag and some simple espadrilles. BTW, these are from Forever 21 as well and only $20.

I am currently in California enjoying the beautiful weather, beach, and shopping. I am posting pictures from my trip on Instagram (@poshprime) and I hope you check them out! I also am a part of a huge Tory Burch giveaway so enter that as well! Last, but not least, I made a Facebook for my blog. Go like Posh Prime please!



You can’t go wrong

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Dress//SheInside ℅; Vest//Target; Shoes//Converse; Bag//Givenchy ℅ Bag Borrow or Steal


This dress is so comfortable and under $30. Could it get any better?! Nope. You can’t go wrong with a simple dress and some Converse. Really, you could wear any shoe with this: espadrilles, sandals, wedges, etc. I chose Converse for a casual look. I added a denim vest for my third piece (because I can’t go without a third piece of course) and my Givenchy bag.

I also really like the back of this dress. I wore a swimsuit top as a bralette underneath and didn’t notice that the straps were visible until after. However, I think it worked. Swimsuit tops make great bralettes and work super well under clothing. Bralettes are my favorite and I just purchased this one today. Only $20, really comfortable and surprisingly supportive for a bustier gal. I highly recommend it.

My hair was supposed to be pin straight (it was, I swear) but Mother Nature struck again. Literally 3 seconds after the last picture was taken, there was a torrential downpour. 20 minutes after that, sunshine and no rain. May has some wacked out weather. I can’t wait for it to be sunny full-time so I can work on these pale legs of mine.

Have a great week!


A month long love affair

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Bag//Bag Borrow or Steal ℅; Top//Nordstrom Rack; Denim//Topshop; Sandals//Forever 21; Denim jacket//J.Crew; Necklace//Francesca’s


Let’s talk about the elephant in the post. My new Givenchy bag. Isn’t it beautiful, amazing, wonderful, breathtaking, etc? Yes. Now, let me tell you how I got it. We’ve all seen the Sex & the City movie, don’t deny it. Carrie’s assistant constantly rented from Bag Borrow or Steal. They let you rent handbags for a month! You can pick from Chanel beauties, Louis Vuitton classics, or this amazing Celine one. Need I say more? NO!

I picked this Givenchy bag because it is a neutral, simple, and I love the style. It matches everything and I have been using it on repeat. (The envious stares are the best part.) I decided to pair it with a simple outfit. These new Topshop jeans are divine and I bought this  Free People split back sweater at a great price. The black espadrilles are only $20…yep. These I have been seeing all over Instagram but they are basically sold out online. I went to a local store and they had a ton of pairs! It was fate I think.

So, I hope this gives you some inspiration to go to Bag, Borrow or Steal. Go find your dream bag and make it yours at a normal budget cost!