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Shop til ya drop. That’s what I’ve been doing since I got to LA. Whoops! I’ve put together a little collage of my favorites that I’m seeing around this summer. Let me know what you are loving right now and shop away! [Read more…]

acid wash & ASOS

These are what I call statement jeans. They are loud, and I am proud.DSC_0522 [Read more…]

off the shoulder

Off the shoulder pieces are extremely popular this season and I love this simple black dress I found. It can be worn so many ways!
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I got Spring Fever

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I really can’t wait for spring. I get tastes here and there with this interesting Indiana weather, but once it actually hits, it will be great. I can’t wait to buy warm weather clothes! Check out some of my favorites!

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favorite new arrivals


All of us shop online constantly…right? Or is it just me….Anyways, I looked at some of my favorite sites recently and picked some of my favorite new things from them! e3074458841c16074860a8509f555dad [Read more…]

the cutest pieces right now

I spent the day at the mall and feel inspired for finding some new pieces. I wasn’t all that pleased with the selection at the mall, but scoured the sites online (mainly Nordstrom) and found some pieces that I adore & you should too!

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back in black

Wow, I needed to post some outfit posts badly. I have been so busy and haven’t had time to do my typical posts. I now have the time and can’t wait to get back to my groove. No more gift guides! They were fun to make though! I hope you are all having a great holiday season! I cannot believe Christmas is in 2 days…what the heck happened.

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Lace & a mini skirt

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So Boho

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Dress//Lucky Brand; Hat//Nordstrom; Belt//Lucky Brand; Shoes//Steve Madden

I was drawn to this dress the moment I saw it. My dad & I went shopping in Palm Beach for a little bit and walked into Lucky. He had never previously heard of the store but saw something he liked so we walked in. An hour later we come out with 5 bags…*Note: This is a rare occasion* He found a store he really likes and so I did some shopping too…hey, he offered. Anyways, they had a couple maxi dresses but this one was perfect. I love the short sleeves and the colors. It screams boho and is pretty different from other pieces in my closet.

I bought this belt to go with it since it seemed a little baggy on me. I love the brown with the blues. I knew the minute I tried it on that my trusty floppy hat would be perfect as well. I decided against wearing gladiator sandals so I didn’t look like a cliche, so I chose my wedges. I might wear this with ankle booties in the Fall. This dress can easily make the transition with my closet.

I hope you all had a great week! I got back from Michigan on Wednesday and had the best time visiting my best friend since birth & seeing family I rarely get to see. This weekend is my mom’s birthday so I can’t wait to celebrate with friends & family. Have a great weekend!