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On Wednesday’s We Wear PJ’s (I wish)


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You can’t go wrong

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Dress//SheInside ℅; Vest//Target; Shoes//Converse; Bag//Givenchy ℅ Bag Borrow or Steal


This dress is so comfortable and under $30. Could it get any better?! Nope. You can’t go wrong with a simple dress and some Converse. Really, you could wear any shoe with this: espadrilles, sandals, wedges, etc. I chose Converse for a casual look. I added a denim vest for my third piece (because I can’t go without a third piece of course) and my Givenchy bag.

I also really like the back of this dress. I wore a swimsuit top as a bralette underneath and didn’t notice that the straps were visible until after. However, I think it worked. Swimsuit tops make great bralettes and work super well under clothing. Bralettes are my favorite and I just purchased this one today. Only $20, really comfortable and surprisingly supportive for a bustier gal. I highly recommend it.

My hair was supposed to be pin straight (it was, I swear) but Mother Nature struck again. Literally 3 seconds after the last picture was taken, there was a torrential downpour. 20 minutes after that, sunshine and no rain. May has some wacked out weather. I can’t wait for it to be sunny full-time so I can work on these pale legs of mine.

Have a great week!


All about that bling, bling


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I know most of you have probably heard of Rocksbox by now, but if not, I will explain. Rocksbox is a site where you can basically rent jewelry. You make an account, take a style quiz, and a week later there are 3 wonderful pieces waiting for you at your door. I received this beautiful Perry Street Ariana Necklace, the Gorjana Elea Cuff and the Jenny Bird Flagstaff necklace. I have never heard of any of these brands previously, but really like these pieces. The statement necklace can take you anywhere and be paired with so many things. The cuff is simple, yet adds a nice touch and the arrow necklace is delicate, but adds some bling.

I decided to wear a simple layered outfit to make the jewelry stand out. I started with a long dress/shirt and put a blush sleeveless blazer over it. The leather jacket was the perfect addition to edge up the pretty pink and the distressed denim adds a casual feel. These gladiator sandals are one of my favorite pairs and oh, so comfortable.

I encourage you to go try Rocksbox! It is $19 a month, but using the code “poshprimeblogxoxo” you will get your first month FREE. Yes, free. Everyone’s favorite F word. Go try it now!



Top//Akira Chicago (blush version)

Blazer//Nordstrom Rack (hot pink)


Jeans//Nordstrom (similar)