welcome to la


I’m finally in Cali! I’m so excited to start living here for the next couple months and begin my internships too. I can’t wait to work with Catt Sadler, Lauren Gores and Simply Stylist. I move in to my apartment on Saturday and that will be quite the adventure, living alone and all. Pray for me! BTW the shopping here is amazing and I’m on day 4, and have shopped every day since. You should really be saying a prayer for my bank account.

I can’t wait to start posting more and having beautiful backgrounds. I will be posting eventually, sorry!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



acid wash & ASOS

These are what I call statement jeans. They are loud, and I am proud.DSC_0522 [Read more…]

for posh sake

This is your guide to the cutest website, and monogram central.

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romp’ n’ roll

If you haven’t heard of Asos yet, this this post is for you. If you have, this post is for you. This romper is my new love and these boots are to die for.

DSC_0474 [Read more…]

life update


Dress//Topshop; Boots//Asos c/o

I’ve never done one of these things, but since this is a blog I might as well! [Read more…]

denim on denim

I hit up Madewell last weekend and was so pleased with their selection. This dress is so comfy and I love how oversized this jacket is.DSC_0508 [Read more…]

love. you.

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For a class we are reading “The Woman I Wanted to Be” by Diane Von Furstenburg. This one quote really stood out and is important to me. I thought I would share it with summer approaching and a lot of new adventures for me coming up. It’s always important to love yourself first, before you have any other relationships. I want to frame this quote and hang it in my room! [Read more…]

shopbop sale under $100

Shopbop always has the best picks, but sometimes it’s a little harsh on the wallet. I decided to find my favorite under $100 picks! It isn’t much, but with 25% off you cannot beat it!Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.14.51 PM [Read more…]


I love finding new activewear and am so pleased with Alala.

DSC_0429 [Read more…]

three favorite trends

There are so many spring trends that it’s hard to pick a few and stick to them. Off the shoulder, rompers, and platforms are three of my favorites right now that I’ve been seeing everywhere! [Read more…]